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Protein Bars born in the kitchen, not the lab

NETBARs™ are an exciting new way to get high quality Whey Protein without the high calorie count of typical Protein Bars. Starting at just 130 Calories, the NET-130 gives you groundbreaking flavor, 20 grams of whey protein and just 130 calories. Fat and Net Carbs are also kept to a bare minimum leaving only what you need to feed your healthy lifestyle.

Your quest for protein bars is over!

If you are looking for a healthy snack, try NETBARs™ as a low-calorie healthy alternative

NETBARs™ are not only delicious, but are Healthy protein bars. NETBARs™ are Whey protein bars, created from only the finest ingredients. All of our employees are avid health fanatics and because our goal is to make protein bars that we will use on a daily basis to compliment our health regiment, they must be up to our personal standards. But dont believe us; Our internal taste test groups unanimously named NETBARs™ as the Best Protein Bar! Having the best tasting protein bar is not enough, we are creating new protein bar flavors daily so keep checking in to see if your favorite flavor is available.

All NET protein bars are Gluten Free!

We understand that people need heathy protein bar alternatives

NETBARs™ are created using 100% gluten free ingredients. Whether you have a gluten intolerance or you just on a quest to eat healthy, our protein bars are your gluten free solution.

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NET 130 Protein Bars

Low Calorie

Our primary goal with the NET Protein Bar is ultra-low calories and at 130 calories we are 70 lower than our average competitor.Learn More

Awesome Taste

NETBARs™ are simply delicious in every way with almost no sugar, and zero added sugar.Learn More

2 Grams of Fat

We formulated NETBARs™ to have the smallest Fat footprint of any high protein bar and succeeded. Some of our delicious flavors only have 2 grams of Fat.Learn More

3 Net Carbs

NET Protein Bars deliver only 3 Net Carbs while providing almost 10 grams of dietary fiber.Learn More

Our quest for the perfect Protein Bar

We made the decision to create NET Protein Bars after an exhaustive search for low calorie 20g Protien Bars failed. We decided right then and there to create our own line of ultra-low calorie Protein Bars with almost no Fat and just a few net Carbs that would meet our nutrition goals perfectly and without compromise. We now share our work of love with you.

Carter Foods (a division of BahnTech) was founded in 2013, and has been providing quality nutritional solutions to the public for only slightly longer than you have been reading this sentence. Located in Melbourne FL, Carter Foods employs nutrition and exercise fanatics and does all kinds of awesome things for the community.